OMR XML Project Overview

8/26/2009 2:37 PM
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The aim of the OMR  XMLproject is to provide a simple way to import wager info from paper betting slips into the Betty system in a simple, generic manner.

The OMR XML project is implemented through two distinct applications:

The OMR Template Maker which imports scans of betting slips to create an XML template file which representing the events, selections, stkes and wager types found on the slip.

The OMR Processor imports a scan of a completed betting slip and combines with an XML template file to produce an OMRProcessorOutput.xml file which is then imported by Betty and processed to place the appropriate wagers.#


Please read the OMR XML Installation Guide before continuing.


Please read the OMR XML Development Guide for details on the development environment and tools used to build the OMR XML project.